Sunday, November 19, 2006

Some more מוצאי שבת Rambam thoughts- 2

הקדמה ליד החזקה

1. When the Rambam first explains what all the different sections of the book are accomplishing, he explains ספר המדע as: "עיקר דת משה רבינו- וצריך אדם לידע אותם תחילת כל"! So seemingly not only (as 'Ashkenazim' say) that it shouldn't be studied at all, but rather it should be studied constantely, and even more than all the other chalakim!

2. The first words of the Rambams hakdama to 'the yad' are: "ואז לא אבוש בהביטי אל כל מצוותיך"! (Powerful!)

ממני העבד-

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