Thursday, January 27, 2011

Re: Neo-Karaism 2

...and there's also a lot of common ground between Zoroastrianism and Judaism. The same way the Karaites celebrated the Rationalism of Islam and saw its similarities with Judaism, so did the Jews born in Babylonia see in Zoroastrian practices, and German Jews see in Calvinism and Kant and Locke etc...

Re: Neo-Karaism

...the Rationalists also dismiss the superstitious aspects of the Talmud, but that's just a small minority of what the Talmud is about. You can't tell me all of Bava Kama was a direct influence of the Avestas...

Terse Aphorism Time!

There's so much I'd like to write about, but...I find it soooo difficult to write a whole blog post. Takes a lot out of me for some reason (or at least I think it does until I actually do it! Like now for example). So, I was thinking of maybe writing in aphorisms instead, like Nassim Taleb. Or at least just shorter and more terse form of essay... Maybe that'll encourage me to write more often..