Monday, January 28, 2008

פסל כל תמונה

OK, OK, far be it from me do discuss in such an official way, such inane issues, and far be it from me to brood on Rebecca ---, but I was just sent a message on 'a certain dating website', in which I probably had some sort of subscription to from a long while back, and I decided to browse there for a second; and what turns up? A new picture of Rebecca! Now, I'm not doing this for nostalgic purposes, but just to make a short demonstration. (I couldn't do this before because I didn't have a 'good picture' of her..I mean, for memories sake, I didn't want to have one, if you know what I mean).

Anyway, to make things short, Rebecca is a sweet girl in her pre-20's, somewhere in America, looking (partially through 'online profiles') for her soul mate.

OK, now this is the first picture I personally received from Rebecca through email:

When I first saw it I said; yo man! This girl ain't for me, she looks like some kid who just stepped out of a rodeo or something, and I don't really dig southern things...

So that's what I did; told her nicely I wasn't interested..

Now, here's an example of the picture she has up today on a website (I think it's publicly posted..if it isn't, then may I be forgiven). Here too, she looks a little better, but personally, I wouldn't even start up with such a girl.

And finally; specimen C; the picture I found on 'the other site':

Is not all the lust and beauty of her youth greatly more evident here than in the first ones?! To me it would be no surprise if she got all her dates with the second site, and wonders why!

(Yet even this is not how she plainly appears in real life (she always wears glasses. This picture makes her look much more wild than her intellectual, reserved, cool and composed self. It also makes her seem a bit younger than she actually is, which adds to her a certain amount of silliness.)

So, what of this? What am I trying to prove? Well, two things; first of all to any of us who have, or check out internet dating profiles, with the hopes of running into someone pleasant- beware! You're picture is all people judge you by (well, if you're a girl!). So make sure the picture you have of yourself is a reasonable representation.

(Personally; I've only been out twice through internet dating, this here was the first girl, who looked better, and..different than her picture (which isn't here), and the second time the girl actually looked a lot worse than the picture..).

Second point; we are obviously way too superficial, and play too much importance into looks. We should be ashamed at ourselves! After thousands of years of development, only because of capitalism and commercialism still have the same tendencies, and glorify the same things as a caveman! At least we, G-d's people, we should be at the forefront of this counterculture we attempt to run against the western world in which we reside. Overindulgence in the things of the media, and approaching them without a heavy head, and a 'grain of salt', but mindlessness, and subconscious acceptance are the main things we should refrain from totally. At least us; the nation of priests, should see people for who they are, and not how f-'d up their faces might look.



Shoshana said...

In relation to another post on your blog, I'm glad you're ok with being single (especially as that evil American holiday approaches). I've tried internet dating, and I have a hard time making a connection with someone I've met online. But I agree with your perception of the photos. It's all wrong to post misleading photos since the guy/girl will find out the truth eventually.

Shani said...

Maybe you should remove the pictures? I'm sure she wouldn't appreciate these pictures being uploaded on here.