Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Arab Question

In response to the blog of Shoshana (Ruraldox) "Israel is *NOT* apartheid", just some thoughts I wanted to get out;

And the Mexican-American border is *not* apartheid?! Why is it only when Americans come to a new land, displace it's peoples and make a border with the areas natives (the Aztec peoples of Mexico, who, by the way, were discussing complex philosophy and architecture when the western Europeans were having each others brains for breakfast!) -who they are better off than- and don't let them in for totally and *only* racial white supremacist reasons, even though they need them for their economy- it is OK?(!)

Listen, everyone wants to overlook it, but we won the West Bank, Gaza, and Sinai fair and square. 'Fare and square' though is a huge understatement; we were attacked. Not an attack to scare us, not an attack to take some land, wealth; an attack to destroy the Jewish presence in Israel like they did in Hebron in the twenties. We fought in self protection -nation-wide preservation for G-d’s sake! - And we found ourselves on our own ancient homeland, which we needed for agriculture and new immigrants, and much more importantly security! A land which had very few natives, descended from Arab peasant natives who could only be counted on two hands before the Jews made Israel a prosperous place, natives who themselves started fleeing from their towns- the remains of ancient Jewish towns (which is historically and archaeologically proven) in the early second half of the nineteenth century. The land is also some of the most beautiful in Israel, and the Jews who came to live there- the greatest idealists.Ah, but no one researches the recent roots of Palestinian nationalism! It's influence from North Korea, and the fact that Arafat himself was just an Egyptian anti-Semite guy, who, although had an interesting sense of humor, was not himself Palestinian, and didn’t necessarily represent its cause.

It's true; the plight of the Arab refugees is great. But why are they refugees in Jordan and Syria and Egypt? Is it perhaps because their own coreligionists of the same persuasion do not want to accept them? The Muslim Arab in Israel is by and large richer and more well to do than Arabs in any other Middle Eastern country.

Now, again, I'm not saying that we don't mistreat the Palestinians, I'm not saying we don't alienate them, and preach anti-Arabism and anti Muslimism to our children. I am not suggesting we don’t humiliate them in their own land with roadblock checking and restrictions. I am not suggesting that we are not bringing all the worst aspects of Westernism into one of the last bastions of Muslim purity in the world- to taint its youth. I am not suggesting that we have not become a demoralized people bent on leaving our own homeland for the West (especially America). I’m not saying our leaders are not so corrupt that it’s hard to look them in the face and not vomit. I am only suggesting that they have no right to their own state, and barely a right to live in their own land until they humanize, and learn to be peaceful people like they were before we came, and before Arafat came.

The Arabs in general are known to have strong pride in themselves and their culture, as well as a strong nationalistic fervor. No Arab wants to be living under Western dominion on his own land, especially not Jewish dominion. There is a famous statement by the Mufti of Jerusalem in the 1890's basically saying that "it's true, the Jews made Palestine a much more livable place; they introduced large scale agriculture, a postal system, better housing water management etc etc., but that doesn't mean that we don't despise them, and can't stand living with them".

OK then, a Palestinian state; will that really solve every Arab problem? Will that make them attack us less, or with better weapons? Did the Egyptians not have a state in 1967 that they attacked us (like, the fourth time in ten years)? Did the Jordanians not have a state, do the Iranians not have a state that they always taunt us (and it's not that they care so much for Palestinians. Persians and Arabs are like, sworn enemies, and they wouldn't dream about having such people in Iran). And yet, because of this over-industrialized life we have created around us, and our new need for oil, and because of the over influence and over industiousness of the western metropolitan Jew, which causes all to despise him, world politics are mangled and misrepresented to the public.

What rather? Rather the obvious truth (to me) is that the whole story is a little too weird to be totally by chance. Any naturalistic explanation would be difficult. We gotta' do our political activism and stuff -G-d orchestrated it that the democratic system would become prominent- but in honest analysis it would seem something supernatural is going on- something divine.



Shoshana said...

Beautifully written. I completely agree with you, but I try to avoid including my personal opinion as I'm trying to be objective.

הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said...

oh, thank you!

"but I try to avoid including my personal opinion as I'm trying to be objective."- Do you mean I wasn't? I wasn't really trying to be anyway...your Israel blog is pretty damn profesional and well researched by the way (especially as a side project).

Shoshana said...

"I am only suggesting that they have no right to their own state, and barely a right to live in their own land until they humanize, and learn to be peaceful"
That doesn't sound too objective.
Also, if you've spent enough time on college campuses, then you'd know how important a blog like this is. The Jews at my last school, all three of them, told me that the Jews stole the land from the Palestinians...

הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said...

Listen, I'm not (like you) trying to prove anything to anyone. These are only my opinions, and are based on a myriad of premises that I have no need to expound upon being that I have no readership.

I do think it's important though (again, like you) to act as a proponent for our cause to anyone (it's true, most Jews (especially in America, and especially in university) follow todays trend to view Israel as occupiers etc. And that, therefore, we honestly should all know as much about the subject as we can.

And I do think the statement quoted from me is objective considering what the west today considers 'terorism', and that our semitic neighbors in G-ds land who carry out attacks are considered as such.

I did admit though, that they used to be peaceful in the recent past, before England and the Jews came. Honestly, all they did was drink tea and smoke nargila (and um, there is a 'narcotic' tea going around those parts...can't wait to try some!)