Sunday, January 20, 2008

מונה מספר לכוכבים

Didn't post- been busy with math.

I've always had an aversion to mathematics. Mostly because I just wasn't too good at it. Though my mother has mathematics practically as her religion.
But as I got older, and tried to 'read theology into everything', I came the conclusion that math is important. Not only because the world runs on math, and that someone without math is walking clumsily through the world, not only because Maimonides lists math as one of those things that keeps one's mind busy, and therefore pure from sin, not only because arithmetic is up there with reading as a must know for everyone who wishes to aspire to the basic minimum amount of knowledge necessitated by the board of education for everyone, not because of these reasons has the importance of mathematics grown in my eyes, but because the universe was built USING mathematical principles. G-d created the universe using mathematic principles! Creating mathematical principles and incorporating them into reality! Is it not true therefore that one who delves into the physical sciences, and particularly mathematics draws himself closer and closer to the mind of his creator?
So one doesn't have to 'know math just to know math', one has to know math, to know G-d!

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