Monday, December 22, 2008

Between Christmas and Hannukah

[Here in the Judeo-Chrisian world] The dead of the winter somehow seems like a time when everybody gets closer to their peoples histories and ideologies: Both the Jews and the Christians celebrate holidays of identity in the winter, and in a way they're exact opposites, yet in a way they're actually kind of similar.

We Jews celebrate a holiday which in essence is a celebration of Jewish reconquest of Palestine from people who's ideologies were pretty much the opposite of the monotheistic ethic, as well as the rededication of our Temple upon the removal of Zeus-worship from within it.

European Christians celebrate a holiday which is supposedely commemorating the greatest manifestation of the Divine in our world, which was to become a beacon of light to Mankind hencefourth. In essence though the holiday is just 1. nordic winter celebrations, and 2. a late Christianisation of the Roman solstice holiday, which is obviously a form of worship to Jupiter, which in essence is just Latin for Zeus, who again, was the god who's removal from the Temple we're celebrating!

What I ffind to be a very difficult subject, is: what aspects of "Greek" culture are objectivly positive, and what aspects are utterly rejected by the principles of Judaism? I mean, I know that public nudity, body-worshiping and infanticide are 'not cool', but the Greeks also brought almost every aspect of knowledge and science into the world, so...

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