Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Apartheid Occupation

From purely historical perspectives (not overly coherent):

First of all, the Dutch and British had no "legitimate" reason to be in South Africa, and therefore had no right to conquer the land and greatly mistreat the natives. They weren't "persecuted" in Europe, they were just colonizers. The Americans say their Puritan founders came to the New World as a result of English persecution, but the reality is that few Puritans came. The majority were just money hungry Northern Europeans (around 60% of American "Whites" are of German decent by the way).

The Israelis are not colonizers, but rather were actually the victims of real persecution, who were just returning to their home they were unjustly evicted from. It could be in the long run the logic behind that can be found to be a bit faulty, but it is a much better excuse than any other colonizing nations have. (If anything America has stood far more guilty than any other colonizing nation; the only reason they aren't criticized is because they are THE power at hand (and because most of their native victims are far too dead to criticise American policies).

This, I feel, is analogous to the plight of the bastard; he has no legitimate place in the world because he was created by an action that had no "right" being performed. So too situations created as a result of unjust activities cause turmoil. The Judeans should never have been exiled from Judea, and the Jews should never have been forced out of the (European) Diaspora by the nations. But both injustices have occurred, and that creates the unanswerable situation of us and the Native Arab people living in the same place (though honestly, such conflicts arise anyway between borders of rival states, but not to this degree).
[I know, I know, I've restated points like these on this blog a million times already, I feel like Arafat talking to the UN! Whatever, another few times wouldn't hurt anyone!]

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