Monday, December 29, 2008

אבי-גדור קיבל תורה מיצחק

At the risk of sounding involved in Ashkenazi geneology or something (which I'm not!), I was just thinking after I mentioned Rabbi Yisrael "Salanter" here, how Rabbi Avigdor Miller could trace himself back to Rabbi Yisrael's teachings:

1. Avigdor Miller was a student of Isaac Sher,

2. Issac Sherr was a student of Natan Tzvi Finkel,

3. Natan Tzvi Finkel was a student of Simcha Zissel Ziv,

4. Simcha Zissel Ziv was a student of Yisrael "Salanter".

5. Yisrael "Salanter" was a student of Zundel "Salant",

6. Zundel "Salant" was a student of Chaim "Volozhin",

7. Chaim "Volozhin" was a student of the "Vilna Gaon"!

So any student of Rabbi Miller's is therefore (obviosly) able to trace back that tradition of teaching to the famed "Gaon" of Vilnius.

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