Thursday, December 4, 2008

בְּחָכְמָה יָסַד אָרֶץ

The longer I am confronted with this existence that I have been placed within, the longer I perceive evidenced the notion that there is nary a worthwhile engagement, or even pastime, that does not require a reasonable amount of 'learning' (in a 'modification of behavior' sense) in order for them to be properly performed. We must learn to do everything. Even the most instinctual and base necessities of Man as food consumption, sexual intercourse or even sleep involve much training for if one is to become successful at them. How much more tutelage is required for things of worth, such as those that require University attendance, and that may be beneficial in finding employment. From properly hunting and gathering, to riding bicycles to studying Accounting, our world is a world of activities that require practice to perfect, and that also necessitate one to be well informed.

It has always been my opinion that people are far too accustomed to the way the universe and the world seem to have been constructed, that they do not usually ponder the fact that in the G-d-model our souls could have been placed in any number of situations to surround us. And one aspect of the one that was chosen is one which reflects an emphasis in education for the sake of action, and an ethic that we see G-d considers as important in His saying in the first chapter of the Bible "אשר ברא אלו"הים לעשות".


Tobie said...

What training does sleeping require?

הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said...

Haha. "Welcome" by the way..

Well, it is my opinion that as people get older, and become more concious of things, the more they realize that they did some things with more ease when they were babies (prperly chewing and swollowing for example). In regards to sleep, I know most girls don't usually have many sleeping issues, but I personally have long had an unhealthy relationship to it- forcing myself to stay up too long, sleeping too little, too much, thinking too much before sleeping, eating too much before sleeping- there are tons of examples. It's difficult for people like me to get back into the proper mode of sleep we once had, and it therefore reqires much training. Knowing about the patterns of sleep and studies done on sleep are examples of forms of knowledge that can be helpful in such a training..