Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Immigrant Jews

You know, growing up in Brooklyn, I always thought that the kind of kids I went to school with; not the first or second generation American Jews (who already 'made it in America') but mostly recent immigrants mostly from Israel, Russia and Syria- I always thought in the long run their opportunities in America were somewhat limited- but look at this; some people I was just thinking of:

Some immigrant Jews who have made it big in America recently-

Yael Naim- French Tunisian Jewess. Popular singer/songwriter.

Regina Spektor- Russian Jewess. Popular singer/songwriter.

Isaac Larian- Iranian Jew. Creator of the "Bratz" line of dolls.

Haim Saban- An Israeli Egyptian Jew. Listed as one of the 100 wealthiest men in America.
Television and media proprietor. Best known for the production of the "Power Rangers" television series.

Emauella Chriqui- A beautiful Canadian Moroccan Jewess. A Model and an actress. Currently starring with Adam Sandler in "Don't Mess with the Zohan".

Mila Kunis- The fair Russian Jewess who played "Jackie Burkhart" on "That 70's Show".

Isaac Mizrahi- An American Syrian Jew. Famous fashion designer.

Vidal Sassoon- A British Greek Jew. Famous hairdresser. ..you know- the shampoo!

...to name a few..

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