Friday, June 13, 2008

South Park Episode 43- Separatism

I think I want to incorporate South Park episodes into the blog a little more (not that I endorse it!)

In episode 43 of the third season, entitled "Hooked on Monkey Fonics" (aired Nov. 1999) the issue of home schooling, as well as sheltering in general are discussed. The general synapses is that home schooling (and separatism in general) may help one learn more and be more intelligent therefore, but those who come from such societies are very sensitive to social situations, and might have to 'learn the hard way' or too late about a good many things, which might somewhat inhibit their social skills in the future.

...I agree. ...I've known some people who were home schooled, ..and there are some awkward things about them...some better things...but some awkward from a sociological/psychological perspective it's probably better not to. ...though this would also be a complaint therefore to the social separatism of (us) orthodox Jews...though that still is a school 'public' to people from that scial group, so...

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