Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Lost Gemara

As you can see, dear readers, ....."reader"? ; ), I have been trying to categorize my past posts through the usage of labels, which of course is somewhat difficult, since it's hard to say what many of my posts are "about". Not to mention the difficulty of correcting my grammar and syntax errors, which would take weeks to complete.

Anyway, I was on the subway recently (as I often am), and I was considering all the things that I've written in the past that have become lost to me (mostly Gemara notebooks). I tallied it all up, and all together there are:

  • 5 notebooks on פסחים.
  • 2 notebooks on בבא מציעא.
  • 2 notebooks on בבא קמא.
  • 1 notebook on קידושין.
  • 1 notebook on סוכה.
  • 1 notebook on כתובות.
  • 1 teaching notebook on ברכות.
  • 1 teaching notebook on קידושין.

that I've lost. (When there's more than one it means I studied the same tractate at different periods). Some of these notebooks were b'iyun (in depth, as heard from the Rosh Yeshiva), and some were b'kiyut (basic outlines and conclusions of studies from later chapters in a given tractate).

Here it may seem a bit negligible, but in my eyes it's a big loss. These in essence were my "blog" before my blog. My writings and my thoughts on the tractates I was able to study. If I had more time with them I could have even rewritten them or typed them up in a way that might have proven useful to me in the future.

..I guess it shows why it's a good idea to keep important stuff in safe places! Hopefully I'll review those tractates again, and come to clearer understandings and gain keener insight in them, having the amount of exposure to them I've had in the past. אכי"ר

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