Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Anything Goes!

Although it is not my way to consistantly critisize Jewish communities in this blog, as on other blogs, and although this point has been mentioned too many times already, but just to follow up on a point I made earlier in passing:

It has recently been the opinion of Chassidic and other ultra-orthodox groups that the proper way for Jewish girls and women to dress is with skirts that reveal ones ankles (when covered with stockings). To me it is quite evident from the Cole Porter song "Anything Goes" that in the past it was unheard of to have dresses or skirts that exposed ones ankles.

To me it can be presented in no clearer way that having that part of the body revealed is a thing of attraction, and is a new phenomenon, and therefore it should at least not be advertised as the "traditional" or "proper" way of going about things. The (most) proper way to dress in this situation is undoubtedly the way of many women whom the fear of G_d has touched their hearts dress; wearing clothing that covers their ankles. (Although as was previously mentioned, from a purely halakhic perspective it's ok to have ones lower legs revealed, even without stockings or any other form of socks).
(The link to the video is on the lyrics. The whole lyrics are here).

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