Monday, February 16, 2009

The Jungle

One of my first posts on this blog, dear readers (I like saying that. Sue me!), stated that I wished to have one blog for ideas that may come to me, and one about my life. For various reasons the one that was supposed to be about my life was seldomly posted on, and ultimately abandoned. I also seem to have already written many posts on this very blog that are directly concerned with events in own petty, sorry and pointless existence. It is also very tiring to see the same post displayed for too long if I have nothing pressing to blog about. It is for these reasons that I, at times (now being one of them) take the liberty to say a few words about myself:

I've recently, on a fanciful level only, been considering the prospect of returning to the slaughterhouse I worked at in Green Bay (or one of the others in Minnesota or Nebraska) once again, while taking Accounting on online college. It might very well be impossible and unwise for me, but it is an idea my whims have found attractive. It's not bad there, and I'm not doing too much here anyway.

I was doing some Google searches for "our companies" plants, and I saw some of them listed, but only in Animal Rights sights complaining about kosher slaughter. One of them said something I found to be untrue. It said "A slaughterhouse, under the best of conditions, is a grim and terrible place. That can never change." I actually found it to be surprisingly pleasant! I guess it's just because I'm not a "people person". I'd rather be killing cows than dealing with children (especially with mental disabilities. ...sue me! ...oh, you already have..). It's surprising how accommodating dead cows can be. The only problems are the monotony of factory work, and of course, the fact that cow blood and excrement often find their way to your face.

In regards to the social aspects of the factory though, I found them to be very commendable. The morale there was exceptionally high considering the living standards of the employees (and considering most of them are escorted back to prison at night!). Most all of them are in perpetual good cheer, and can always be found laughing or joking about something or another. Employee relations are very good, and each section of the plant has it's own social circle. I don't know...I found that to be very interesting in a way. And best yet, due to the fact that many of the workers are female, even romantic interests are taken up in the plant!

Not that that's necessarily cloud nine for me, but the pay is very good, the rent is free, the hours are few, it's a nice local, and the "chevre" are decent. For Israelis they're pretty refined. I had some meaningful conversations here and there (especially with my elderly "philosopher" friend. He told me I was the only one who "spoke the same language" as him. ..?), and had with whom to do fun local stuff with.
And what is here for me in Brooklyn? Don't answer that! But seriously, shidduchim? Who would marry a penniless bloke like me in this situation anyway? So..yeh...I've been looking into the possibilities..


Moshe said...

You expect PETA to say something that's true or was verified? Don't hold your breath.

I had a friend in college who was one of those anti-animal cruelty nuts.
A reptile guy came to the college one time. He brought snakes, turtles, lizards and a crocodile. I'm obviously there playing with the snakes. I see her walking in and call her over and she just runs by. WTF.
Later, she told me that she was about to cry because of the conditions the animals were in. Snakes and crocodile in tiny cages. The conditions? Girl, before you name yourself the protector of animals, learn something about them.

PETA people know nothing about the animals they're trying to protect. Behavior, habitat, what's normal, what's not, etc. It's bunch of uneducated idiots who compare all animals to themselves.

le7 said...

You worked at Green Bay?

The shochtim and mashgichim come down for yom tov a lot to Milwaukee!

Did you ever come down to Milwaukee?

le7 said...


הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said...

Moshe: "Girl, before you name yourself the protector of animals, learn something about them."- You know girls, they hear one thing and...actually, maybe I shouldn't be saying that!

"PETA people know nothing about the animals they're trying to protect. Behavior, habitat, what's normal, what's not, etc."- Yes, um, I was looking into that once. It seems to be an extension of the old German pre-WW2 anti-shchita laws.

In reality, cows aren't "afraid" of seeing knives because they're not intelligent enough to know what's to be done with it (in halakhah the cow is not supposed to see the previous cow killed). The actual shchita doesn't seem to phase them so much, as pain is not expressed on their faces.

Though the truth is that due to the heightening demands for beef in America we have to put cows in tighter and tighter quarters, and feed them crappier and crappier types of food.

The USDA people on the other hand are actually supposed to be in the plants, though sometimes they too show a bit of disapproval for the way we do things..

הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said...

le7: *sigh*, I tried to go to Milwaukee numerous times for Shabbat, but the word in Green Bay was that the Chabad in Milwaukee was kind of tired of seeing "us" (i.e., even me, not having been there before). Not to mention that we almost always felt that we might as well already go to Chicago if we're going in that direction anyway.

The week before I left I tried to make some plans to go, but it was kind of hard to get ahold of the Rabbi and get him to agree by phone. Me and my friend ended up going to Madison instead. (..Madison?!)

I still want to check it out sometime.

le7 said...

Really? Whatever. Milwaukee is a nice community.

Let me know if you're there for Shabbos!

הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said...

I'll be sure to.