Monday, January 12, 2009

Only to copy Rachel's rally-post!

Seriously, I just went to the rally to have similar pictures on my blog! Incorrigible, aren't I?(!) ...the NY Police made it very hard to join the group of marchers by the way.

I photographed this man's message partly because it is a point that I feel gives one a bit of perspective on the "Israeli-Arab Conflict". I think it's wrong to use the word "Arabs", but the leaders of the long-time Muslim African state of Sudan have been committing acts towards it's non-Muslim citizens that can only be characterized as "genocide" -most likely in order to move them from land that is sitting atop valuable oil-reserves, but under the excuse and cover-up of "religious intolerance". Yet America is not very concerned with them, because of the two obvious reasons that 1. they are a "darker skinned people", and therefore unimportant, and 2. in the meanwhile America has decided to sacrifice it's military and democratic power for the more profitable and newer oil-reserves in the middle-east, therefore necessitating much more concern when conflicts with allied democracies in the region stand to endanger any of those oil-supply-relations with neighboring countries.

Like Ehav Ever commented on Rachel's rally-post, this is, in my opinion as well, at least, a media-war. Since the 1980's we've been fighting this media-war with the Palestinians and foreign reporters. It was because of the media that we had to stop the Lebanon offensive in 2007. Besides the fact that some Jewish "solidarity" is not a bad thing, but there needs to be something else on the television besides images of angry people protesting Israel's military actions.
Like I said, the objective truth and justice are far from anyone's agenda. It has never been America's agenda. I was just reading a book over Shabbat by Howard Zinn called "A people's History of American Empire" (this printing was in comic-book style), in it he proves beyond a doubt that from the beginning America had Imperialistic designs, just as any other world empire in the past, and every war or action it engaged in were to further that goal. we're obviously not waiting for anyone to "see things our way".

There was actually also a small counter-rally around the corner it seems. This Jewish man entered into a bitter discussion with them, unfortunately I didn't think about photographing until it was all but over.

These were part of the counter-rally, though I didn't understand their agenda till I looked at the bottom of their signs on my computer. It leads to "". It's a very interesting site; Muslim articles about the Tanach, and Jewish articles about the Quran... ...the girl is actually kind of hot by the way, no? I should have started talking with these dudes, they seem to harbor little enmity..
Also: I approve of the article on Israel in the current "Time" magazine (which I can't seem to find online). I suppose I kind of side with a "three-state-solution" if the Palestinians would agree. ..though that's a pretty long shot..


Rachel said...

Pff, hehe. For real?

הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said...

What? ...if you mean my going there just to copy your idea than yes! : )