Sunday, January 4, 2009

Arab Conspiracy!

Old news, I know, but: I personally think there is a great similarity between America's situation in Vietnam and "Palestine" today. For today too, it's not just about Israel and Palestine, but Israel is backed by America, and the Arab countries are backed by Russia (and the Arab and other Muslim countries (Iran, Egypt, Syria and Saudi Arabia for example) back Palestine and Iraq obviously).

But it's more than that- I was just wondering; if all the land of Gaza was given back to the Gazans -the same land on which the Israelis found more than enough room to build farms and villas on- why haven't the Arabs returned there to become workers of the land like their West-Bank brothers, and lower the rates of unemployment and resentment in Gaza? Many people think this kind of stuff about the Jews or America, but something tells me that this is part of some "conspiracy" of the Arab governments to use the people of Gaza for their own political means by forcing them into poverty, and therefore hatred towards Israel, while their poverty makes them the obvious underdogs in the worlds' eyes, thus lowering the strength of America, the West, and it's ally in the region. Again, I mentioned oil before, and this is far from unassociated with that issue, because unlike in Southern Asia, the Americans need the Middle East for their oil, and yet officially "switch teems" to the totalitarian side.

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