Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jesus' New Look!

You are all quite aware I'm sure, faithful readers, that it not within my interests nor intentions to continue with these mindless little follow up posts, but as a result of the fact that....I feel like it, I suppose they will have to continue!

I mentioned briefly in the previous post that at times it's difficult for me do disassociate a western image with the idea of the personality written about in the New Christian Testament. Well, I saw one site in which a pastor (probably a while ago) was upset about youths who grow their hair long, and excuse themselves by saying "Jesus had long hair". He goes on to bring historical and archaeological evidence that a person the likes of יש"ו during that time would probably have been clean-shaven and short-haired; a much more Hellenistic-looking Jesus than that we might imagine (not that I care, I just consider it wryly amusing to consider).

This site shows that Jesus took every possible form in the history of Christian art.

..the guy in the picture is obviously Josephus..

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