Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Blogger Convention Nomination

In the land chosen by G-d as a gift to His people, which they refuse due to their obstinacy, in the city on which the name of G-d is called upon it, there has begun a tradition of yearly meetings for people who write popular electronic journals (bloggers). This year’s situation is a bit awkward, since there are three equally worthy people (among a few others) who very much wish to attend this gathering, but need to be nominated by other bloggers.

I understand why each of them has a legitimate claim for being the best candidate; Chaviva is someone who, of her own volition, decided to become part of our religious and national consciousness. Chana is a masterful and professional author and Jewish thinker, and “Bad for Shidduchim” also has a quite popular blog and is eager to go. If I want to donate my two cents to the cause though, only one of these three lovely ladies must be nominated.

I therefore choose Mrs. Wiznitzer, since, as she mentioned on her blog, she's been writing longer than anyone else, writes longer and more quality posts, and has more to offer the public as a speaker and influencer due to the depth of her religious and philosophical thought.

If you have a few moments, I would suggest that you too choose someone to nominate (since none of the candidates seem to have enough nominations yet)...


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