Friday, September 4, 2009

Blog Plug

It's not generally my custom here to plug blogs (although I just did in the previous post!), I would like to encourage the readership of a new blog created by a friend of mine from yeshiva, Shim'on. He's an interesting fellow; a Dutch-American from Washington State who converted to Judaism. His blog deals with proper diet and weight loss (called "Kosher Weight Loss"). He writes as he speaks; funny, assertive and right to the point. So if you struggle with your relationship with food-consumption (and who doesn't, really) his blog will be beneficial to you.

In other news, the author of the Bad for Shidduchim blog ended up winning the trip to the Blogger Convention. I'm happy, yet at the same time concerned about what it says about our community if our most popular blog is not one about religion or philosophy, but one about dating stories. Oh well...

Personally, in my haughtiness, I find fault in almost all the blogs in my blogroll (which is why I write one myself!). Many of them are about the totally unimportant and uninteresting things that occur in peoples lives, others are constantly complaining about the Ultra Orthodox community, and yet themselves still choose to be part of it, others are about dating and still others about raising a family. So while many of them can be helpful to read, I don't consider them the most earth-shattering subjects...

[This just in!: another friend from the same yeshiva just started a blog (though almost nothing is written in it at the moment) at]

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