Saturday, October 18, 2008


In my mind it is clear that at least one of the lessons of the Divine laws restricting certain types of eating on פסח and סוכות (i.e. eating only unleavened bread/bread products on פסח, and not eating meals outside of a סוכה on סוכות, and the ensuing inconviniences in eating they create) is general self-discipline.


Rachel said...

Self-discipline? More, "G-d discipline."

הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said...

Again; what do you mean?

The Babysitter said...

Interesting point. But really everything in the Torah is discipline.

what I think Rachel means is that it's not a persons self that is deciding what not to do. It's more like G-d discipling us on how to act.

But it does involve some self discipline to actually listen and not just do what you want.

inkstainedhands said...

This reminded me of "Mi'bnei aniim tetzei Torah."

Poor people learn self-discipline and denial. They learn not to give in to every whim and desire, and that is an important part of living a spiritual life and learning Torah.

הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said...

No doubt. Avigdor Miller used to talk about that once in a while (I used to drop by his Thursday night talks)..