Monday, September 29, 2008

לעמל יולד

If repetition is hated by Man, then how much more so is it hated by G-d when Man is in perpetual folly.

לפום גמלא שחנא תנן. י

ריש שתא טבתא לכולי עלמא. ( : י


Rachel said...

Woohoo! I'm on your special blog roll. Points for me.

הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said...

haha. Who if not you ; ). You were supposed to be closer to the top, but the last entered is the highest on the list obviously...

נכסי צאן ברזל by the way has a complicated translation; it literally means "iron-sheep property(?)", and refferes to property that's 'not going anywhere'. In (modern) literary Hebrew it can be used to mean anything permanent. ...Israelis love using 'Torah' terminology for secular things (...I forgot to mention it's a 'Gemara term')...

the sabra said...

Woohoo! I'm also on your special blog roll. Points for me.

(Rachel, if I were you I would now sing "First is the worst, second is the best, third is the one that can't get dressed" But since we're in the same clique, I would be sure to put a wink or other sort of positive symbol afterwards)

Rachel said...

Wait, wait, wait. Before we sing, Sabra, there are some issues we must reconcile with this here Shlomo. Shlomo: Uh, I see you issued a change here on your list to put us at the top... and yet someone is still on top of us! And why does she have my name!? Change it. Change it now. *Insert ferocious glare*

Assuming you will be changing that as soon as you see this comment, we may now sing.... "First is the worst, second is the best, third is the one that can't get dressed." ;) (and an added wink for Sabra... ;) You could add that into your points bag, girly.)

"Who if not you" I feel my ego growing bigger Bigger BIGGER, pop. ;)

About the title you gave the list, Shlomo, no need for explanations. I absolutely LOVE being compared to iron sheep. Or iron sheep property. I actually didn't know what that first word meant ("property") so I figured you were calling us iron sheep. *shrug* Don't care as long as I made "the list." I am content.

Now, to make this comment even LONGER: I have an added comment on the being-polite-to-strangers bit. I was just driving home from school and had a fun-o convo with the car next door. (If you're actually trying to figure out what "fun-o" means, I just meant fun. Then rhymed it with "convo.", for added fun.) It actually wasn't much of a conversation at all. He just saw me smiling and my friend talking (as I looked in his direction) and assumed we were gossiping about him, an old-ish man. (I know, I know... what an ego!) Aaanyway, it turns into one of those "how was your day?" mini-convos. These, Kermit the Hermit (sorry, you probably won't hear the end of the hermit jokes for a while), are the niceties that make it worth it not to grunt and look away when dealing with strangers.

Well that turned out too long-o. (Doesn't work so nicely with long-o, right?) *Cue curtains*

the sabra said...

ok i laughed till tears came when i first read this post. (first post yk lie. i cannot be sure that they did. i only used that expression cuz i remember REALLY appreciating and loving that comment. first post yk asking of forgiveness.)

rachel rachel, the world is good because of people like you.

since you are first on the fluffy iron gate list, i can now sing: first is the worst (that's you), second is the best (that's me), and third is the one that can't get dressed. (that's address not found. or miri. but it's not nice to do that to miri even though she's not in our clique and i was gonna put a few smileys and winks. so we'll leave it at 'address not found'. shlomo, NO hints whatsoever. whatever made u think i was trying to say something about u not knowing how to link properly?)

ahem. what were we discussing again? rachel's ego?
well rachel, that WAS incredible that u had the zechus w/ mrs solomonov...

Rachel said...

SababaSAbabaRA. You are my first post-YK favorite commenter.

While I have the two of you gathered here, I need to get one thing straight. THE TWO OF YOU, NO MORE BEING FUNNY. I have started laughing by myself at random times thinking of THE TWO OF YOU and THE THINGS YOU SAY and THE THINGS I SAY TO THE TWO OF YOU. Sab, relay that message to mishmum too for me, please.

"Shlomo, YOU'RE AWKWARD"... uh, I have no idea why that popped into my head DURING YK and I CHUCKLED in attempt to stifle a LAUGH. (why would a girl CHUCKLE? I thought chuckling is for middle aged men.) Now, even more so than before, people ask me aloud WHY I'M SMILING/LAUGHING to MYSELF. STOP STOP STOP.

P.S. Shlomo, take down everyone else from your favorite blogs except for me and Sabra. That's a command. No I'm not laughing. WHERE do your loyalties lie, boy? Sabra and I are THE iron sheep. Baa. (Read that as a sheep sound.)

Ya, so Sabra, I can't take all the credit for making this world a better place. My grandma made me the person I am today. I'm SURE you understand.

Omigoshigosh, lets all head on over to my blog now and reread Mrs. Solomonov's comments. Make sure not to step on pieces of my popped/splattered ego on the floor along the way.

Shlomo, I feel I didn't give you enough attention here 'cept for bossing you around with your own blog. So I'm gonna tell you two things: 1. Hi. I hope your YK went well. 2. The bright color of your text hurts to read on top of the charred-meat black background color of your blog. Do something about it. I hope my advice doesn't go off destroying all your blog coloring, as your comments did to mine. (By the way, that's called advice. It doesn't count as bossing you around.)

the sabra said...

uh shlomo? you apparently have a hard time following directions. rachel, forget advice giving--let the bossing begin.

actually, not only should he take them all off his blogroll, but he should put you and i on it ten times each under ten diff titles.
(too pressured for time now to explain more and give illustrious examples. illustrious. thats a splendid word. neva used it before. f'sure not a non 'copy n paste' writing)

moed tov! i've missed us!