Tuesday, April 8, 2008

"On beards and Female Men"

I have been thinking recently about the "feminization" of men in metropolitan America recently.

Men were once more masculine, and therefore be attracted to "femininity" as and idea, and women attracted to masculinity. But as we all became more feminine, men also became more feminine. That is why many more men are attracted to other men today, because they are attracted to the femininity in them, not the 'man-ness'. And that is why, in turn, women can be attracted to other women today, because now they are not so much attracted to the masculinity in men, but of the femininity in them, so they're also attracted to the femininity of women.

Which is why, for example, less women would be attracted to a man with a beard these days (for it is a conduit of masculinity. ...unless it is a beard that doesn't veer much from femininity).


Rachel said...

With the rise of feminism, wouldn't you think otherwise? It's not so much that women are attracted to other women for their femininity, rather more for their masculinity. I don't mean to say that feminism essentially meant to give rise to the idea of the masculine woman, but I think in the end it did do just that.

(I had a high school teacher who once turned to my class completely exasperated and said, "Would any of you ever claim to be feminist? Uch, never. You all think that if you call yourself a feminist people will start calling you a lesbian or something." lol. But it got me thinking, and I realized she was sort of right, because I think most girls are thinking, "C'mon couldn't we have just stopped after we got the vote and were protected against domestic abuse?" :))

הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said...

Ha. Thanks for the comment.

...I mean that's the whole struggle of our times (in the West); what is 'female'? What is 'male'? Who said there's anything particularly 'female' about raising kids, cooking dinner, or taking out the garbage?

America is well known to have been founded on very fundamentalist ideals. In the past century and in this, those ideals are coming into a head-butt collision with the ideological outcomes of European Enlightenment ideas; Atheism. Science which is devoid of religion. The true- ideal- roles of men and women in society (I once commented on the 'nudist' phenomenon here, I think it's an outcome of the same source (well...obviously..).

Though my "deep psychoanalysis" of "the reasons for male and female homosexuality" are obviously not 'kid tested', nor 'mother approved(!)', it was just a thought. But obviously from even the most basic biological standpoint people (women in this case) have homosexual tendencies because of an excess of male hormones, so in essence female homosexuality is intimately related to masculinity and not visa-versa...

(But again, in regards to men, my observations do stand true...).

הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said...

By the way; I saw you commented on my Messilat Yesharim page. Again, if you're interested in going through the book the same time as me, and then coming down there 'bout once a day (or whatever) and 'discussing it' with me- I think that would be really cool.

Having another person to go through such a book with can be very helpful.

Rachel said...

Thanks, but I think you would be far more knowledgeable in Messilat Yesharim (and all Torah, for that matter) than I am. I only read Messilat Yesharim once. I would probably be incapable of sharing much in a discussion of it.
You, on the other hand, should continue discussing it on your blog. You never know, it could be the only Torah your readers learn all day....