Friday, May 15, 2009

The Call of the Body

Something I would have liked to have been said here, friends, but didn't get around to writing until now, is a thought I had which is pretty similar to a lot of the stuff I've been writing recently. ..which makes me think that if there is no other purpose to having a blog but getting to know yourself better, it is enough:

We are, in my opinion, undoubtedly the greatest enemies of our own bodies and our own selves. Our bodies send messages to us in the form of different urges, for the sake of preserving our lives, yet we misunderstand them. For example, when our bodies are in need of nutrients they send us the message that we are hungry, and within us is garnered the sudden and strange urge for food consumption.
"You are hungry" the body whispers to us, "so very hungry!".
"Oh, hungry you say?!" we reply, and then start to binge on all the unG-dly, man-made products which are difficult to call "food" that America has placed before us.
Yet this is far from what our bodies had in mind; it obviously meant for us to eat foods which would be beneficial for self preservation. In essence then, as a result of their calling to us for help, we eat things that are actually quite detrimental to our bodies.

The same with rest: our bodies give us the impression that we are tired because they cannot continue to function properly without rest.
"Tired", it whispers, "you are so very tired!"
"Oh, tired you say?!" is our response, and we go on to sleep to sleep too long, and become lazy.
And so again our bodies intend for us to receive a rejuvenating rest to continue functioning properly, and instead we take their call for sleep overboard, and become lethargic and pursuers of physical comfort, so much so that the body regrets ever sending us that message.

And so with a build-up of energy in the body; this energy is to be used, at least partly, to invigorate and exercise the body, and to build healthy muscles. Instead many use their excess energy for violence, and to physically aggrandize themselves above others (as with the warrior class).

The same is obviously true for the urge for sexuality to an even greater degree; the body wants us to create progeny for ourselves, so our clans will not die with us. This is to be carried out through normal reproductive processes. Yet many use those calls to procreation in ways that harm themselves and the children they will produce (as is the case with abortion and fatherless children. ..not to mention sexually transmitted diseases).

And the same is true for every objective the body sets out for us; it seeks for us to sustain ourselves, and we in turn take it too far and end up harming ourselves more than helping.This is not only our own fault though, much of it has to do with what Ultra-Capitalist societies have made available to us, ..but this is the reality.

[I apologize for continuously inserting pictures in my posts by the way...I find it hard not to!]


Chaviva said...

Interesting post. And, you know, I've been posting photos and things in my posts, too. It's very, very hard not to.

הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said...

Thank you. I actually just edited it to put a little conversation in there (in writing it seemed way too different than it seemed in my mind. I'm still not sure how to equate the two).

Ha, I know. It gives the whole thing the right mood, you know?

frum single female said...

yes, i agree that one really gets to know one's self via blogging. this is why i really like writing my blog and really other people's blogs.
i like your photos. i think photos add to a post. it amps up the creativity.

הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said...

Thanks for liking the pictures by the way! ..I'm fond of them as well..