Sunday, April 19, 2009

למלא חלל ולהבריח שעמום

Well, not that this is quite the kind of thing worth writing about at all, but I just changed my playlist on the sidebar to more "omer appropriate" stuff. I found it all on that "playlist" site. I personally feel it's quite a wicked mix of different types of (mostly religious, unfortunately none of which being Jewish) song from around the world. Right now I'm "fixatedly" still listening to the song entitled "Al-Isra" (as I have been for the past ten minutes. Pretty long track it seems. Either way it's great..).

Personally I'd much rather some good Moroccan "bakashot" (without music, of course). I used to like listening to stuff like Chaim Luk and Waish Cohen doing "דודי ירד לגנו" in Hijaz Al-Kbir during the omer (every week it's sung in a different tune. Long story, but one for which there is no audience for), but I lost that CD a long time ago and it's not very easy to get your hands on that kind of stuff in America. It's likes are obviously not available on "" either, so...

[Some basics about the structure of Semitic music.]

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